The ejector is composed of pressure regulating nozzle receiving room negative pressure chamber mixing chamber diffusion chamber and silencer.



    The vacuum ladle ejector is composed of pressure regulating nozzle, receiving room, negative pressure chamber, mixing chamber, diffusion chamber and silencer.

    Working principle: The ejector uses high-pressure airflow to carry away the air, making the pressure be different between the inside and the outside of ladle. The process of "vacuum" is: the compressed air forms a high-speed jet in the negative pressure chamber through nozzle, absorbing the ladle’s air into the mixing chamber, discharge into the diffusion chamber after decelerating and expanding pressure, and discharge into the atmosphere after eliminating voice.

    The main performance indicators of ejector are: air consumption, vacuum degree, suction time. The air consumption is determined by nozzle diameter and increases with increasing pressure;The vacuum degree is related to the working pressure, and there is a maximum value, the general working pressure is about 0.5Mpa, the vacuum degree reaches to the maximum value; the suction time can be determined by the ejector vacuum degree and arrival time curve.
    Vacuum Ladle Ejector Structure

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