Common sense of aluminum leakage treatment in electrolytic al

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In the production of aluminum electrolysis, if a certain equipment fails, it may cause the production line to stop working or safety hazards. In order to avoid the occurrence of production accidents, it is necessary to take correct measures in time to repair the equipment.
Common situation and cause analysis
There are two cases of aluminum leakage. One is the side leakage aluminum, which means that the bottom lining is intact, but due to improper operation management, the bath temperature is too high, or the effect duration is too long, melting the edge electrolyte tank, burning through the side tank, electrolyte liquid And the phenomenon that aluminum water leaks from the local gap of the side wall carbon block. One is the leakage of aluminum at the bottom of the furnace, which means that the bottom or side of the electrolytic cell is seriously damaged, the cathode steel rod is melted, and the aluminum water and the electrolyte flow out from the hole of the cathode steel rod. As for the reason for the leakage of aluminum, in addition to improper operation, it may be that the equipment installation design is unreasonable, or the masonry is not in place. Therefore, when aluminum leakage occurs, the aluminum leakage side trench cover should be opened immediately to find the aluminum leakage.
Processing steps
Processing steps: 1. According to the location of the liquid leakage, it is judged whether the bottom is leaking aluminum or the side is leaking aluminum. 2. Arrange the voltage of the special person monitoring tank, the tank voltage should not exceed 5V, if it should exceed the anode manually. 3. Transport the crust block to the side of the leaking aluminum. If the side is leaking aluminum, the aluminum edge should be trapped, and the crust and alumina should be added to the side, and then blown and cooled to form a furnace. 4. If aluminum is leaking at the bottom and aluminum is dropped at the aluminum leakage, it can be repaired with magnesium brick or magnesia. If the serious bottom of the furnace is damaged, it is necessary to stop the tank urgently, and organize the furnace workers to put in the electrolyte block while packing, and pack the raw materials such as calcium fluoride or magnesium fluoride to forcibly build the edge groove to block the loophole.
Problems that should be paid attention to during processing
Pay attention to the problem: 1. When the anode is lowered, it is limited to the bottom of the tank or the shell. Do not forcibly descend, so as to prevent the top structure of the tank from being damaged. In addition, it is also possible to reduce the voltage of the tank by lowering 1~2 sets of anodes; 2. Strengthen unified command, pay attention to safety, and prevent personal accidents; 3. At the same time, prepare for single-slot power-off. 4. If the accident is rescued, it should be immediately determined whether the tank is overhauled. If the tank is old and the damage is serious, the single tank should be powered off immediately. If the tank age is short and the damage area is small, it is possible to restore production after filling. Magnesia, calcium oxide, sediment, etc. can be used to fill the damaged area and resume production.
Advance preventive measures
Leakage of aluminum is not only harmful to the operation of the electrolyzer, but the leakage of high-temperature electrolyte or aluminum water may damage the cathode bus and burn the lower tank equipment, affecting the entire series. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully operate the equipment during production, train and manage the operators, and regularly check the equipment to avoid aluminum leakage.

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