How to properly and efficiently clean the Vacuum Ladle

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1. The necessity of cleaning up
Ladle in operation, electrolytes and various other impurities, slags are easy to deposit on the bottom of the adsorption package, wall, wall, etc., affecting the volume of the ladle, and the aluminum is not smooth, must be cleaned in time.
2, Vacuum Ladle cleaning process considerations
A, the operator should pay attention to safe production, wear protective labor supplies, when catching up and down the Vacuum Ladle, we must grasp the arrest and prevent falling down. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to prevent the aluminum ash from entering the eye. Once it enters, it cannot be rubbed by hand. It should be blinked gently so that the aluminum ash flows out with tears.
B. When cleaning the slag in the Vacuum Ladle, pay attention to the long-term use of the topping of the Vacuum Ladle, so the helmet must be worn during the cleaning process.
3, Vacuum Ladle cleaning process
A, hot cleaning
Prepare tools before you clean up the Vacuum Ladle.
When the Vacuum Ladle is pulled in, lift it to the Ladle cleaning station, use the solder to clean the slag at the inverted aluminum port and check the Ladle mechanical part. Pour the unfilled aluminum liquid from the Ladle onto the aluminum ingot mold, and then vacuum the Vacuum. Ladle turns to the limit (90°) and begins to clean the slag in the Ladle. When using the shovel, pay attention to the aluminum in the aluminum slag, which may spill to the clothes and body.
After cleaning the slag in the Ladle with a slag shovel, lift the Vacuum Ladle to the slag slag platform for slag. Keep your body sideways in the slag inside the Vacuum Ladle to prevent hot slag from splashing and hurting your body.
When using the slag shovel during the cleaning process, the bottom of the bottom of the Vacuum Ladle should be cleaned with a clearing shovel to avoid damage to the lining.
After cleaning, the hot slag should be cleaned up in time and the hot slag should be loaded into the slag tank. The recycled aluminum ingots are placed neatly and cleaned to clean the site.
B, aluminum tube cleaning
After the heat cleaning is completed, the staff should lubricate the bolts on the aluminum tubes with oil and clean the aluminum tubes the next day. And make a record of the status of the Vacuum Ladle when it comes in.

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