Quality Inspection

2017-11-28 15:05Keywords: Aluminum Liquid Transfer Ladle Quality Inspection

Vacuum Ladle Quality Inspection

1, The load-bearing parts, rings, trunnion and other ultrasonic nondestructive testing qualified, can be put into use, so that the rings have a strong tensile strength and impact toughness. The hanging arm and the lifting beam are both fixed with double nuts, and the safety fixed pin is added. All the hangers on the hanger are processed for aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress and make it difficult to generate strain during the operation of aluminum suction.

2, The ejector vacuum extraction test, whether the standard, aluminum absorption capacity requirements of 0.8 ~ 1.2T/min, check the tightness of vacuum according to the requirements of 0.06Mpa.

3, The lining drying treatment, after the lifting of the package to carry out assembly, the sealing must be sealed tightly (sealing material can be acid aluminum refractory fiber or asbestos textile sealing ring) and vacuum test, check the tightness, vacuum to meet the requirements of standards.

4, The check whether the omission of washers, cotter pins, asbestos rope ensure seal, no leakage.

5, The nail nameplate, complete all testing, warehousing
Aluminum Liquid Transfer Ladle Quality Inspection

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