14t Vacuum Ladle


1. Vacuum Ladle Desc ription Vacuum ladle is a specialized equipment that suck liquid aluminium from electrolytic aluminium cell and then transfer to another casting place in aluminium plant. It has lots of features such as high performance

  • castable
  • vacuum ladle aluminum outlet
  • vacuum ladle motor
  • vacuum ladle trunnion


    1. Vacuum Ladle Description

    Vacuum ladle is a specialized equipment that suck liquid aluminium from electrolytic aluminium cell and then transfer to another casting place in aluminium plant. It has lots of features, such as high performance, high capacity, easy operation, brief maintence, reliable safety, low price and high quality.

    Vacuum ladle consists of main body, hanging frame assembly,transmission mechanism and ejector,ladle tapping tube, lining.

    The ladle main body contains ladle body and cover.The ladle body is rolled round by a whole high quality steel plate. To make high strength of ladle body, we reinforce the middle of ladle body to avoid the ladle body is out of shap permanently.The seal head of ladle bottom is flow formed by advanced technology and strengthened by # type steel, which avoid the body botto out of shape under high temperature condition and extend the working life of ladle bottom lining.

    The seal head of ladle cover is also flow formed. We adopt the design shape of ladle cover from flat cover to anched cover, which imporoves the cover strength a lot and avoid the cover out of shape under high temperature.

    The flange between ladle body and cover is casted entirely and made into trapezoid seal groove after mechanism, which improves the strength and tightness of flange. The ladle body and cover are fastened by 12 abnormal bolts which makes them one whole equipment.
    vacuum ladle bodyflangeLadle Cover

    The trunnion of hanging frame is manufactured through special process.The hanging ring has high extension strength and impact ductility with a 55 ton forged steel after thermal treatment and ultrasonic flaw detection. The hanging arm and beam are fixed by double nuts and bolt pin with aging treatment to eliminate their internal stress.

    Transmission mechanism has manual operation and power operation.Manual operation is easy to control and reduce labour intensity.

    The main function of ejector is to make vacuum negative pressure inside vacuum ladle with air injection, and take in liquid aluminium through ladle tapping tube under atmosphere pressure.We design large calibre, single spray and zoom type ejector and improve injection speed and capacity, the average speed is 1.5t/m, which solved the low injection speed and capacity in plateau area.

    Ladle tapping tube is also one of the main parts of vacuum ladle, which consists elbow tube, straight tube and sharp tube. The elbow tube is mounted directly to the flange on the side of ladle cover, and one end of the straight tube is connected with the elbow tube by bolts,the other end of the straight pipe is connected with the sharp tube.The three by bolts together, then called the suction tube. One third of the length of sharp tube has to be under the electrolytic aluminum level in the cell.
    Transmission mechanismvacuum ladle ejectorLadle tapping tube

    Aluminum outlet is using pressure to pressure type, to achieve a simple, convenient, durable feature.

    2. Working instruction

    When aluminum discharging, craneman operates crane, the aluminum discharging worker operates the hand wheel to take the ladle tapping tube into the electrolytic cell. Then connect air duct with the compressed air source of plant or crane. Manually open the duct valve to suck aluminum, when it reaches the indicator, immediately close the valve. Craneman operates crane, then pull the aluminum tube from the cell. The crane will transfer ladle to the trailer, which will take it to the casting workshop. After the ladle weight, the ladle will be lifted from the crane to the mouth of the mixing furnace. The aluminum outlet is opened and aligned with the mouth of the mixing furnace. The electric pouring device on the ladle is operated to inject the liquid aluminum into the mixing furnace and complete the pouring operation.

    3. Matters need attention

    Drying the lining of ladle before first using, the ladle must be sealed at each spot during assembly after drying(sealing material can be useing aluminum refractory fiber or asbestos textile sealing ring) and vacuum test, check air density till vacuum meet the required standard.

    When assemble the transmission mechanism,it should be injected ZN-2 nano-base grease, and during the process should be regularly filled grease. (Once per shift)

    After the ladle taken into the working area, the operation requires to be accurate and smooth, so as not to hit the ladel, or collide the tube. When suck aluminum, it should first insert the ladle tapping tube into the liquid aluminum and then open the compressed air valve, reduce electrolyte inhalation, prevent plugging tapping tube and ejector, ensure the amount of aluminium within the capacity range, if excessive inhalation may occur spilled aluminum during the transport, resulting in insecurity.

    After the suction, the ladle should be smoothly lifted to the trailer, before the transport the lock arm should be locked well to prevent the swing during the transport lead to damage of worm gear or worm rod.

    In order to ensure the effective volume of the ladle, it needs regular internal cleaning after using(about once every 3 days), remove the electrolyte and attachments inside ladle.

    3.1 Working enviroment of vacuum ladle

    Working condition

    -Electric power: AC380/220V±10%(three-phase four wire system), 50Hz±2%

    -High voltage:10kV

    -Compressed air:dew point -30℃,compressure>0.5MPa

    Site conditon

    Full year to adapt to the high temperature molten salt, high current, strong magnetic field, dust and hydrogen fluoride gas inside electrolytic plant and outdoor high temperature and humid environment.

    Indoor working environment

    Environment air: containing alumina dust, carbon granule dust, hydrogen fluoride gas, asphalt smoke and other harmful substances.

    3.2 Main specifications of vacuum ladle

    Main material of 14T vacuum ladle

    No Item Material Remark
      1 Ladle body Q235B  
    2 Worm gear ZCuAl10Fe3  
    3 Worm rod 40Cr  
    4 Upper seal head Q235B  
    5 Down seal head Q235B  
     6 Ladle tapping tube Heat resisting iron  

    Main specifications of 14T vacuum ladle






    Biggst Volume

    14000 kg


    Air source compressure



    Vacuum degree



    Suction capacity



    Ladle weight

    About 14 ton


    Transmission mechanism speed ratio


    Power :7035.6


    Hand wheel angle when ladle empty



    Shackle standard

    Meet 55ton lift hook require


    Ladle total height



    Ladle out dia.



    Ladle body height



    Distance between tapping tube and ladle bottom



    Ladle hook-head dimension

    Inner dia230mm,
    Out dia600mm,
    Opening degree180mm,

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    Lining Procedure for Vacuum Ladle

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