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Vacuum ladle in accordance with the overall fr amework of the analysis can be divided into five components namely: lifting the package hoisting mechanism lifting the package of the main body carry the package of the upper structure carry

  • vacuum ladle gear wheel
  • vacuu mladle turbine rod
  • vacuum ladle special-shaped bold
  • vacuum ladle ejector


    ⅠVacuum Ladle Structure

    Vacuum ladle in accordance with the overall framework of the analysis, can be divided into five components, namely: lifting the package hoisting mechanism, lifting the package of the main body, carry the package of the upper structure, carry the package transmission mechanism, carrying the lining of refractory tissue.

    Ⅱ Vacuum Ladle Components

    1. Vacuum Ladle Hoisting Mechanism

    The hoisting mechanism of vacuum ladle is mainly composed of columns, beams and rings.

    One of the rings is forged parts can carry load up to 60T, of course, different tonnage of the lifting package will be different design of the rings, and ultrasonic nondestructive testing, the long reach to ensure absolute safety and reliability.

    The beam and column are calculated by the Design institute, and the center of the vacuum lift bag is determined by the position of the lifting ring.
    vacuum ladle ringsvacuum ladle uprightvacuum ladle beam

    2. Vacuum Ladle Body

    The main body of the vacuum ladle consists of a ladle body, a flange, an ear shaft, an aluminum outlet, and a hoop.

    The vacuum ladle body, the hoop and the flange are adopts the whole casting molding, the bottom is composed by the 18mm thick steel plate, the wrapping hoop surrounds the vacuu ladle body circle, strengthens the protection. The flange is the sealing structure of the interface between the vacuum ladle body and the cover, which is composed of the convex groove and the groove and the asbestos rope.

    The trunnion is an important part of the connecting column and transmission mechanism, and also the forging parts.

    Aluminum outlet is also called inverted aluminum mouth, mainly responsible for the dumping of aluminum, the inner wall is cast material insulation. The aluminum outlet lid adopts pressure pressing type, which realizes simple, convenient and durable characteristics.
    vacuum ladle bodyvacuum ladle aluminum outletvacuum ladle trunnion

    3. Upper structure of vacuum ladle

    The superstructure of the vacuum ladle is the cover and the cover parts, which are composed of ejector, manhole, aluminum suction pipe and special-shaped bolt.

    The main function of vacuum ladle is to draw out vacuum, to form negative pressure in the package, and then to transfer aluminum. Ejector is the main function of drawing out vacuum. The high velocity air flows into the bag and brings out the air to form negative pressure.

    Manhole is to enter a manhole, when the ladle wall attached to the electrolyte residue need cleaning, through the manhole for a small range of cleaning operations.

    The aluminum tapping tube is composed of three parts, namely: elbow, pipe, tube tip, the elbow is directly mounting flange cover on the side of the vacuum lift on the straight end of the flange by bolts and pipe flange is connected with the other end flange pipe and tube tip flange is connected with the combination of the three together. Through the bolt, called the suction pipe. When aluminum is absorbed, 1/3 of the length of the tip pipe is inserted into the electrolytic aluminum liquid level in the electrolytic bath.

    Special shaped bolt is a part that connects the cover and the package.
    vacuum ladle ejectorvacuum ladle special-shaped boltsuctorial aluminium tube

    4, Vacuum ladle transmission mechanism

    The driving mechanism of vacuum ladle is composed of hand wheel, turbine, worm, bevel gear, motor and so on.

    The transmission mechanism is divided into manual or flashlight, and the motor is driven to tilt the aluminum upside down.
    vacuum ladle gear wheelvacuum ladle turbine rodvacuum ladle motor

    5. Vacuum ladle lining refractory

    The lining of ladle mainly plays the role of heat insulation and fireproof. The lining consists of asbestos sheets, refractory bricks or castables.

    Asbestos board in the vacuum ladle the effect of heat insulation, US also produces aerogel insulation felt, this product more obvious insulation effect, 660 ℃ aluminum water, after 100mm of aerogel insulation blankets can make it up to 50 degrees outside the wall.

    Fire-resistant brick layout, in the bottom of the bag first tile a layer of pieces, and then put a layer of fire-resistant standard brick, carry the package wall paved with a layer of curved fire-resistant brick, and then laying the lining is the first heat preservation materials, and then paving refractories.
    insulation materialrefractory brickcastable

    III. Instructions for use

    When the aluminum is out, the crown crane operates the crane, and the aluminum manipulator operates the ladle handwheel to insert the aluminum pipe into the aluminum outlet which is first opened and is inserted into the electrolytic cell. When the aluminum tube is placed in place, the air outlet pipe is connected with the compressed air source of the workshop or the crane. Manually open the air pipe valve to produce aluminum, aluminum out to the indication, immediately shut the valve. The crane is operated by the crane, and the aluminum ladle is pulled out from the slot. Crane crane workers will transfer to the ladle ladle ladle by the trailer, trailer send casting workshop, in the foundry ladle after weighing by lifting crane into aluminium mixing furnace outlet, will pour aluminum ladle into the open mouth and aluminium mixing furnace ladle on the alignment operation electric tilting packet for the injection of liquid aluminum mixed furnace, ladle aluminium work completed.
    vacuum ladle

    Lining Procedure for Vacuum Ladle

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